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On this page we pay our respects to those special dogs who have lived with us and sadly never made it to a home. Many of these dogs became resident "Jungle Dogs" because they were not adoptable.


This is Zeus' his first day with us. He was in liver and kidney failure but no matter how many tests we ran, we could not find the cause. We did absolutely everything possible, but sadly, he still did not make it. He lived here for a week and a half getting medical treatment and force feedings. He died comfortable and happy in his newly found pack at the Jungle. He even got to go lay out in the sun before passing on.

The dogs below are the ones that we could not save when the roof fell in on our rescue!


Marley was a French Mastiff (Dogue De Bordeaux) who was perfectly healthy and GORGEOUS! His only drawback was that he threw furocious temper tantrums. Anyone would have taken him, if it were not for the scary tantrums. When the ceilings collapsed, there were no other rescues that would take him.




These are some of the animals who have made it to homes and passed on after the joy of finding a family.


Betty Boop was adopted by the most loving family. However, because her previous owner had used her to have too many puppies and did not get her spayed early enough in her life, she developed cancer. Betty came back to the Jungle to have surgery to remove the mass. When the surgeon opened her up, the cancer had spread and attached to all her organs. The most humane thing to do was to not wake her up from the surgery. Mama Dori was there holding her paw throughout the entire ordeal.


An animals emotional needs and the need to keep their minds busy are as important as food and water.

There is lots of good stuff on our Petfinder site. Please understand it is not updated often. The information may be outdated.

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!

We love and miss you all.