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Kids can go to ASPCA Land from here!

Those who ask for a discounted animal may be denied for adoption. Think about what an insult that is to the rescue. We are spending money out of our OWN pockets to give the dogs the care they need. We do NOT get paid. We are going without in our own personal needs. We are already vetting, training, rehabilitating, pampering, grooming, cleaning up messes and taking on the publics problems. We do not deny dogs who are unadoptable or need expensive surgeries. So when you ask for a discount, you might as well pick a dog who has serious needs to go without care so you can use the money you are saving on something else.
When you haggle on a dog you are not "rescuing" a homeless dog; instead you are taking away from all the other dogs that are left behind.  Do you really think it is fair for people who are giving up so much already to figure out some way to give up more so you can have a discount? Obviously there is nowhere else to take the money from.
We understand that some breeds cost more because of availability. Maybe you can find a pit bull breed to give a home to. They are highly at risk for euthanasia. Pit bull breeds are very similar to Bulldogs. Pit bulls are homeless in huge numbers. Pit bulls are being put to sleep every day. They have fewer health problems. They are the most likely to be abused severely. They are the most willing breed to want to please their master. They will protect you until the end while still being a safe social dog. 

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Look for more pictures of Gordon on the Photo Album page!
Gordon's enclosure is 6' X 2'8" X 1.5'
You will need a truck! But Gordon will be happy to ride in your lap. He loves to be held.
Webster got a home!!!!!!!!!!!!
Webster is a male 1-2yr old Black Lab/Great Dane mix. He was found at a group home in the country. He could hardly stand up when the employees working there found him. He was starved and was only bones. The managers of the home got permission from the big boss to keep him. The employees all agreed to put a jar on the table and everyone pitch in money for his care. The clients living there loved him very much. THEN....... the OWNER of the home got mad about him being there and threatened to poisen him. Long story short, Webster is with us now. And he is working on the issues that were created by whoever dumped him. He is a lovable adorable good boy. He is playful all the time; fetch is his favorite game. He can catch an object in the air. He knows all of his basic obedience commands and is learning more every day. He is actually very good at basic obedience and is right on the mark with it.
His eyes are a beautiful color that does not show in the pictures. They are a brown, but not your typical brown. They are an orangy-brown. His hair is the shiniest black- even when he was so starved he would fall over, his hair was still so soft and shiny. And no one can miss his beautiful smile. Look at the picture below to see how happy he still was even when he barely able to play.
Webster is just so smart. His mind is working 24 hrs a day. He learns extremely fast. He has not gotten a hold of anything to chew that is not his. As long as he is provided chewies, he will not bother your things. But he is a puppy and DOES need to chew!
Webster has some fears that were probably created by whoever dumped him. He is afraid when you grab his collar. Someone may have held him by the collar and struck him. And since he was so starved, of course he is afraid someone will takehis food whedn he is eating. He is getting a little more relaxed about the food already, but he still needs some time to realize there will always be food there for him now.
We have been told that Webster chases cats away. There may have been an issue there because he liked to steal their food. It is probably best if you do not have a cat if you adopt him at this point. He has not been socialized to them yet. And there are no cats here.
Webster is allowed to lay on the bed and his favorite chair here, so you should probably expect that he will get on your furniture.
These are sugargliders. These little siblings must have had a scary thing happen to them. A man found them when his cat drug them up on his porch. The man was kind enough to bring them to the Jungle and get milk supplement and a bottle for them. It has been a couple years since Ihave had a suger glider, so there is no cage for them. These babies are too young to even be outside their mother's pouch. So I grabbed up a tiny jewelry pouch and they feel right at home in it now. It only took them a few minutes to start to bond and calm down to the sound of a human heart beat instead of their mother's. They have been eating EVERY HOUR! And they have had healthy looking potties. These are going to be some rough nights ahead. Sugargliders are very delicate little creatures int he best of circumstances. Let's hope they make it!
UPDATE: THese are baby flying squirrels! Unfortunately we found out too late what their diet sould be because it is very different than Sugar Glider diet. They had been on the Flying Squirrel baby formula for only a day and a half when they both passed away.  They made a huge impact on the people who were around to meet them and love them. We will always remember them!
I will be doing everything I can to help other rescues while I look for a place in the country. You may still contact me about dogs needing homes or homes wanting dogs.
Sandy is a small Golden Retriever who is looking for a home. You can see more pictures and read about her on zip code 63401 Mama Dori's Jungle! Fill out an application. She would like to learn about you too!

Please see what our local shelter (link below) has also! They are just as needy as our dogs and then some. They are well cared for, but they have not been lucky enough to be taken in to live in a  rescue. We try to get as many out of shelters as we can. But there is too great a need. Won't you consider adopting from a shelter?

North East MO Humane Society Link

Raisin the Min-Pin was too sick for adoption in this picture. Please read about him on our items needed page in the orange letters. Be sure to notice what a happy ending he has!
Adoption fees for specific breeds are not cheap. The reason for that is to cover medical costs of other animals. 
adopted animals receive:
100% lifetime return (in any circumstance for any reason)
lifetime behavior/training advice
assistance in crisis situations, including financial when available
up to date vaccines and worming
total health exam (hips and knees are examined by a professional, x-rays when needed)
heart-worm test
temperament assessment given by one or more professional trainers (gee, what is that worth?)
behavior modification and training while in our care
Before adoption, be ready for a criminal background check and a home visit.

Find out more about our adoptable dogs! CLICK HERE!

If you are asking for a discounted or free dog that is worth a turn-over profit, we will assume that you are a broker, breeder, or fighter, and your application will be denied.