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If you give your animal the things it needs to stay alive and not get sick or "knocked up", it will cost you MORE than most adopted animals. Free animals are not free. Adopting an animal will get you a completely vetted animal. That alone is cheaper than a "free" animal. Your adopted dog has also been examined to look for any possible future problems it may have.

Fact #1- Free animals don't usually get to stay. They are not appreciated. They were too easy to come by so they are disposable. Ehem... remember our Motto? Until the last breath! Statistics show that only one in five free puppies stay in a home forever.

Fact #2- If you will not pay an adoption fee, you may take shortcuts on it's veterinary needs. If you try to haggle over an adoption fee, you may be giving the least you can for your dog's needs.

Fact #3- Paying an adoption fee makes an adopter contemplate how much they really want that animal.
Fact #4- Paying a large adoption fee for a purebred means brokers will not be able to get our animals. And you probably will not turn around and sell your animals. This also means dog fighters and laboratories will be less likely to get one of our dogs.

Fact #5- I (Mama Dori) myself have made the mistake of giving away animals for free and it has NEVER benefited the animal! And those animals are never returned to the rescue to give them another chance. People wheel and deal that you would never expect. This has happened with close friends, volunteers, neighbors, etc... Everyone seems to think they are the exception and can pick a good home (usually the first person who comes along). These are the same people who professed their undying love for this animal and claimed they were going to give it a good forever home.
100% of the time, those who have claimed to love an animal and be totally enraptured by it lose interest or do not fulfill their committment to an animal that has been given to them. I have been astounded by the people who I never thought would do that. Listen to me! 100% I will NOT play those odds with something so precious.

You don't have to prove this wrong to any of us. If you are so convinced you are different than just prove it to your free pet. Give it a permanent home and all of the items needed for it to live comfortably.
Fact #6- Brokers, Breeders, and Fighters commonly apply for a dog and try to get it cheaper and with promises to spay it later. They do this so they can resell the animal, breed and make money on the animal, or try to get a cheap fighting dog or guard dog. These people are very experienced in how to apply for a rescue dog. They know just what to say. Their application may even look better than yours! But they always ask for a lower price.

But the goal is just to get the animal a home right?

NO! The goal is to find loving caring people who will give the animal what it deserves. Those kind of people also understand that we cannot function with no adoption fees. Those people let the money go where it is needed more and where it is supposed to go.

Only 2 people out of millions will take the same care of a free pet as someone willing to donate or pay a fee! We just will not take the chance that you might be one of the two people out of those millions.


Why should rescuers pay for your dog? aren't we putting in enough?!

If you come into this rescue as a volunteer without supporting these views, you will be asked to leave. No exceptions. It is too serious to be backed down on. You have not seen the things others have seen happen to animals "free to good home". There are more sick people than you know out there who jump on "free to good home" ads. Some people even pose as rescuers. And they know just what to say. There are people who have PAID rescues and conned them out of dogs to be used for hideous crimes. If any animal was free, it would be a target for someone who goes through lots of animals. Don't animal hoarders think they are good homes?

There are so many good reasons for steep fees for certain breeds. We do not get many adoption fees. We are not looking for fast turn-over. We give WHATEVER the dog needs to make them adoptable and keep them happy until they are adopted!
You are still only paying about 1/3 for a comparable dog you would get from a breeder. We are still giving you a better option than buying. 
You tell us you will go to a breeder if you don't get what you want. Good luck, because even backyard breeders want more than we charge. Imagine what a breeder would charge if they gave all of the amenities this rescue does?