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An interview with MamaDori, animal-lover

Question: Can you tell us how you first became interested in animal rescue?
MD: I don't think anyone plans on having rescues, they just kind of form themselves when word gets out that you are a softy. I actually DID want to have a rescue when I was a kid. I had it all planned out by kindergarden. I don't have the big farm I planned. haha I started out fostering for the NEMO humane Society. Then they just started sending people with certain surrenders directly to me. So now I take in exotic animals and dogs and cats. Persians and bullies have my heart. And the bigger the dog the more I like them. I started out only take in five large animals at a time (cats or dogs) so that they can have a home environment and I can keep up and have everything clean. But with the help of volunteers now I can take in more.


Question: Do you mind that people ask you about your policies and procedures?

MD:Not at all. I try to keep this as professional and people friendly as possible. I think everyone should have to answer to someone, but I will not answer to bashers. I have great references from vets, other rescuers, animal control, shelters, adopters, and I would gladly show anyone copies of my adoption contract and application for review. I do everything on the up and up and am never afraid of a home visit. I do tell adoptors to call first, just because this is my home, so I only make appointments if someone is seriously coming for adoption. Most times, people are approved for adoption before I give my address. It is just to keep me safe. But I am always happy to answer any questions anyone has about my policies and procedures.


Question: How do you prevent the animals you adopt out from adding to the over-population problem?

MD:I require that every cat or dog that is adopted form me be nuetered/spayed and up to date on all shots. I pretty much keep with the policies of most humane societies, except this is no-kill. All animals that cannot be altered (small caged animals especially) are adopted out in same sex pairs only. The adopters sign a contract stating they will not breed them. The contract also gives MamaDori's Jungle permission to do surprise visits after the adoption at any time. If any animal is suspected of being bred, MamaDori's Jungle has the legal right to take the animals back.

Question: What if a bad home slips through your screening process and the animal is in a bad environment or not being cared for properly?

MD: I do home visits to the homes wanting to adopt; one before, and surprise visits after. They are bound by contract to return any animal to me that they no longer want  or if I think the animal is not getting the best of care. I do understand though that sometimes people get over whelmed, and being a good pet owner is also recognising you are not giving it everything it needs. We try to address that in the adoption application process.

Good Rule Of Thumb

  1. Please choose a homeless pet first!
  2. Do not buy from someone you do not think should be breeding
  3. If you are not screened before taking the animal home, do not adopt.
  4. If you do not know for sure that the animal will be with you it's whole life, do not adopt!

Organization News

Our organization would like to thank Mike McClain  for keeping our computers running smooth. It is not an easy task with what there is to work with! Thank you guys for believing that computer repair does not have to be so expensive. Thank you for treating your customers right and not charging high fees just because you can! With Mike and Jason's permission, I can give you information to contact them to help you too.

Thank you to all of our families that have surrendered animals AND left provisions for them! We thank you so much. It is not always possible to keep your pets. When tragedies arise, thank you for thinking of your animals' needs even after they leave your care! And we do understand that not all surrenders are the owner's fault.