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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page are listed different ways you can get involved. For example:

Can you plan events? Do you have the time to make phone calls or put ads in the paper, just get everything together for events. We already have the plans! All we need is for someone to put the plans in motion. Mama Dori needs to be with the animals and care for them full time. Please help these animals by helping put the plans in action to provide for them.

Can you give dogs baths? Even dogs without skin problems need baths. It is not the same as little dog baths either. You are probably going to get wet. There is a place down town where you can use a tub and professional doggie soaps, etc... It costs only $10 and is so worth it. It really makes giving baths easy for large dogs. You are also welcome to use the Jungle's bathroom to bathe dogs.


Can you take animals to and from the vet? We are located in Hannibal, MO.  And our usual vet is in Palmyra (about 8 miles away). Emergencies will be handled by Mama Dori in person.

Can you share your home with a dog while it waits to be adopted. We want all of our dogs to feel like they are home while they wait.

Do you want to walk, cycle or jog? Why not take a dog with you? It will be good for you both.

Do you want to help a special needs dog? Sometimes we have a dog in our facility that needs daily skin treatments and baths. The dog is always very grateful  and will thank you with many kisses.

Can you research prices for products we use and find us the lowest prices?
And we always need people who  can be on call to research a breed or animal that has never been to the Jungle before. Below is a picture of Jarod who does some of it; he also likes to play witht the animals. Jarod also has a cousin who sometimes helps with research. Just a warning... when you research an animal and learn all about it's special needs and how to care for it and how to bring out the best in that animal.. you will probably want to own it!


Can you carry dog food bags?

Volunteer your time!


This is Carrie. She comes over to play with the dogs. Play time is just as important as feeding time!

Help us with an Upcoming Event

Do you shop on the internet already? Are you thinking about it? CLick the link below and you can shop at all your favorite big name stores and they will donate part of the profits to us!!! Check it out and share it with your friends.

Click here

IF you are volunteering to get a free dog...
100% of the time, those who have claimed to love an animal and be totally committed to a free or discounted animal lose interest or do not fulfill their committment to the animal. I have been astounded and hurt by the people who I never thought would replace it with a newer better dog, or give it up for the smallest reasons, decide to take on another project and no longer have time for the pet, give it away to someone who would not be approved for adoption, or just simply put off a need until something severe happens (then it is up to the rescue to get it back and make sure it gets the care it needs because the person does not want to spend that kind of money on it). Listen to me! 100% 100%! We will NOT play those odds with something so precious.

Donations are always appreciated!

If you would like to make a one time donation, please click  the paypal link directly above. Every cent of your donation goes to the animals! There are no salaries, no paychecks, no compensation going to us. What we do is volunteered. You can also send donations straight to the veterinarian who oversees A Safe Hand. For information on how to do this, contact us.

You can feed one dog in the rescue for a month for just $30!

What We Need!

Do you know what a normal HEALTHY animal costs to vet? It costs a minimum of $150! We give our animals such quality care to ensure they are always safe and healthy, we probably put an additional $75 in things like micro-chipping, extra health care, and preventatives. Do you see us getting that much for an overpopulated breed or special needs adoption fees? In a blue moon we do. Did you also know that hardly EEEEEEVER is the animal normally healthy when they arrive? That means hundreds of more dollars spent for surgeries and life-saving medical treatment. When the money is not there, the animal cannot be adopted. Wouldn't you like to sponsor an animal for only it's basic needs of $150? You can even choose a small amount to donate to a dog.