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Rare Breeds
Rare breeds have special needs that many people are not aware of. Some even thrive better in certain areas of the country. We understand those needs and research every breed that comes in to the rescue. We also make sure that the adoptive family understands those needs and can meet them.
The first thing that had to be dealt with for Roscoe was that fact he could not see. His eyelids had fallen so far that his eyes were dried out. It was not for sure that the surgery would help, but we had to try. And so we did.
THis is Rosoe's mate, Sassy. They were so bonded that Roscoe would go insane without her. But we could not allow him to touch her because he might hurt her. I worried about  every time he had a surgery and couldn't be with her. And he would be teetering on the edge of giving up life. Whenever he could feel her presence, he fought to live again.
Mastiffs are very important to this rescue. Mastiffs are beautiful, meaningful partners and friends. Each one of our Mastiffs get the perfect home for them to fulfill their specific personality.

Do you know what a normal HEALTHY animal costs to vet? Get an estimate from your vet on all that we provide without any problem needs.

Did you know that hardly EEEEEEVER is an animal healthy upon arrival? So much more goes into each animal than ever gets returned. When the money is not there, the animal cannot be saved. Would you like to sponsor an animal?

You can pick your animal or let us. When you send the Sponsor donation just send us a note of who you would like to sponsor.

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Bulldogs are an amazing breed. They have very special needs too. Everyone wants one, but many people want them for the wrong reasons. We carefully screen and do background checks to ensure any of our dogs gets placed in a safe home where they are loved and not just a status symbol.

We do rehabilitation and behavior modification.
This is Roscoe. Roscoe had some severe dog aggression issues and was very old. Roscoe also had what we call "the red light" eyes. That means you could tell by looking in his eyes that he had mentally snapped and could not come back to reality.
Here is a picture of Roscoe attacking the air after dozing down two security gates. His mind was never at rest. He was constantly attacking whether he had a target or not. He even began to attack himself at times there was nothing in front of him. THis picture above this one even shows what Roscoe did to himself while attacking himself. Roscoe WOULD stop attacking if I talked to him and held him TIGHT. BUt if I stopped soothing him, he became the tazmanian devil again. There was no sleep for me.
Roscoe did rehabilitate. He was even happy to be with the rest of the pack in a mere 2 weeks. Unfortunately, he passed on in the night at the vet's office after having surgery to repair the damage he did to his eyes. He was very old and probably just did not take the anesthesia well. We will never forget you Roscoe!