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Mama Dori's Jungle is only accepting Bulldogs and Mastiffs now. Persian cats will be considered. We have down-sized our specialties. Our programs have been restructured to run more efficiently. So please understand that we can only do so much at a time. Please still ask about any Mastiff or Bulldog in need. There seems to always be waiting lists for good already screened homes. Maybe the dog you found is the perfect fit for one of those homes.

We will be adding our policies/procedures for surrender and adoption here.

Check out our application for adoption.

We provide lifetime:

100% return for any reason
training/behavior guidance for adopted as well as the adopters other animals
financial assistance in approved crisis to keep an animal in a home it loves.

Our adoption donations are based on breed, age, temperament, and health.

Do we do home checks? a resounding YES! We are also members of groups to find home visiters all over the Nation. Each adopter also sign s a contract stating that : 

"I understand that the animal and its conditions may be checked on at any time. I also understand that if conditions are not suitable that the animal will be taken back into Mama Dori’s Jungle custody."

What do we do for our animals after they find homes?

We offer lifetime return, lifetime behavior/training advice and financial assistance for families who have adopted if they hit financial crisis.

We agree the adoptive families should really know an animal they adopt is THIERS, but we follow upto make sure they are still happy with their adoption or if they need anything. Families get a list of what vet needs their animal has had, and when they need to follow up. We have been very fortunate to have almost all totally recovered animals so far. We do a follow up e-mail or call and sometimes just simply keep in contact. I plan on stopping by for coffee in all the areas my animals have gone to. 

Here is something I would like to share with potential networking rescues. I have spend much of my rescue efforts on animals that others don't believe can be rehabilitated. That has caused a lot of uneccessary criticism and doubt about my rescue. I have been blessed with being able to turn around animals with extreme behavior issues. I have the ability to rehabilitate extreme cases, and I have a passion for it. So I do accept dogs with problems. BUt pleaswe be honest about behavior issues if you want me to take a dog from you. I have had too many rescues send me a "wonderful friendly family pet" that turns out has severe aggresison issues. I have to be prepared for an animal like this. If you surprise me with issues you did not disclose, it takes my efforts away from the animals already in my care. I will never accept a dog that I do not have the resources or ability to deal with at any given time. But if you do have a dog with issues, it may still be accepted.

I am not in rescue to rub elbows. I am here to network with people and organizations who are in it to accomplish something. If you are one to bash other rescuers who are not as fortunate as yourself, we prefer you not work in this network. The best solution is for everyone to do things the way they choose. If you are not in agreement with the way everyone else works, you do your thing and leave them to do theirs. Don't misinterpret this stance. There are times that someone doing "rescue" should not be. Our goal is to get dogs away from anyone who is abusing animals. That requires a lot of effort that may be being wasted on criticizing others who are doing everything they can. I have many rescues that I consider friends who are only able to provide for needs and no extras. I consider them heros for making sure innocent animals are provided for. I am not interested in how nice your house is or if your furniture is brand new. We are rescuers. We do what we can where we can.

We must remember that someone who is helping animals may not be able to provide all the extras that make people happy. We are concerned about their animals being happy. It is about having medical, emotional, physical and social needs met. And we should concern ourselves with helping those less advantaged in finding ways to provide all those extras.

There are enough animals in every area that none of us would even need to network with others. God bless those who are willing to reach out to others. The goal of this network is to get much more done together. It is designed to focus on finding animals we can help and giving them what they need. We all have different strenths that we can share. And we all have weaknesses that we need help with.

The purpose is NOT to compete and bash each other. If you don't approve of someone, just don't let them have your animals. But never give a bad report unless you have seen something for yourself and you can prove it. Rescuers have enough to deal with.

Let's be responsible and check each other out. When the person checks out, have solid facts before trying to spread suspicion. You may be wrong and that person may be able to help an animal you know. We have to be extremely careful about where our animals go when dealing with other rescues. So PLEASE visit the rescue or talk to someone who has been there before sending an animal.

You should always be willing to accept an animal from a rescue that you do not approve of. If you feel the animal is in a bad place, please do not turn your back on it. You don't have to help that place, but you can provide something better for their animals in need.

I'm sure everyone would agree that we have goals for the homeless animals. I myself want to reach my goals. Everyone has different goals. The people who are out to scam animals tend to surface in a network. We should feel stronger and safer in a network.

The whole idea of rescuing is doing something for the homeless animals. It should not be about us. Mama Dori's Jungle is absolutely not here to compete. There is no time for that. Let's spend our efforts on the animals wh oneed us. Checking references should be encouraged and ought to be done. If you get a negative report, check it out for yourself. THere are many rumors that fly out there in the rescue world that have been started by those who think no other rescue can be as good as theirs.

It's not really our choice of who we rescue from, so there will be those people full of accusations and suspicion. The more we can give each other support while being responsible ourselves, then the less the good people will burn out.

I have not ever turned down reference checks and I have always invited other rescuers to come by any time. I have in fact, consulted with other organizations and asked to be checked, so I know what to work on. There is always room for improvement. That is a constant goal with Mama Dori's Jungle.

Our fist couple years have been a nightmare getting started. The animals have not been the problem. The problem has been other rescuers picking at each other, rescuers slipping in animals to our program that are not what they say, and having to deeal with other rescuers competing for the best animals. I say the competitors can go ahead and take the perfect animals who don't have problems being wanted. That leaves the animals truly in need for us! Aren't those the animals we are here for?!

We love to help, but JUNGLE animals will come first and will be selected by us from now on. We will only consider rehabilitation for the breeds we specialize in and will only consider one at a time. If a dog will still be unadoptable after rehabilitation, it will not be accepted.

We take responsibility for each animal that touches our hands (and hearts). The responsibility is not over once adoption occurs. However, the families who adopt are not intruded upon unless intervention is required. We do surprise home visits on occasion and all homes are visited before adoption.


About specialty breeds and rare breeds=  1- we provide experience and research to the rare breeds: we research every different breed of dog that comes here as well as talk to breed experts. We make sure we know what their special needs and wants are. 2-sometimes the rare dogs have higher adoption donations to cover the expenses of less adoptable animals.

What would you like to see me answer for other yourself or other rescues.

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Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.