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Thank you to our friends who give!

Where is the money going right now?
There are still financial needs even though the dogs we help currently have to be at other locations. 
Your donations are providing dog food and other supplies (and sometimes vetting) to families who are taking in strays or rejected animals. Donations go to the care of animals we cannot house, but are looking for homes. When we find the right spot, we will be able to take the burden off of these kind people and take the animals in.
Anyone who is practicing rescue without hoarding and who nueters their animals may find anonymous donations on their doorsteps.
There are expenses for gas money for picking up donations and supplies, transporting animals to different locations.  Some animals can be helped better by other approved rescues. There are medical expenses and gas costs that have to be paid, especially if they go across state lines.
Those are just a few examples of how "The Jungle" stays productive while we pray to do MORE!


College or School Credit for volunteering 

The openings listed below are volunteer positions.
We have openings in the secretarial dept.
We have openings in event planning.
We have openings for upkeep/design on our web sites.
We have openings in the fund raising dept.
We have openings in the groups managements; a source of communicating with other rescues all over the US and getting the right people together or informed of important issues.
You may be able to do these jobs from home!
All of our other programs are closed at this time during restructuring. Please check back.


Do you know what a normal HEALTHY animal costs to vet? It costs a minimum of


Did you know that hardly EEEEEEVER is an animal healthy upon arrival? So much more goes into each animal than ever gets returned. When the money is not there, the animal cannot be saved. Would you like to sponsor an animal?

Little Raisin (the Min-Pin) was dumped in a back yard with the compost in a life threatening condition. The name explains what the condition was. He was so dehydrated that he needed immediate hospitalization. He was completely out of consciousness and non-responsive. He was put in intensive care under the watch of a vet who committed herself to watch over him all night long.
4-9-09 Right now with only one night's care, Raisin's bill is at $187.00. It is now believed that little Raisin may have head trauma. If there is severe brain damage, he may have no hope of coming back to a fully functional life. The possibilities include poisen, blunt force, or being left in a car. He has tested negative for distemper, parvo and corona. He is still not responsive with his body, but is now using his eyes.
We are here for Raisin (even though he is not a Bulldog or Mastiff) until he has reached his maximum functionality and health. And we will be there for him after he finds his true family in a forever home. 
The vet bills are already piling up. But we can't give up until he is ready to. But we will not let him suffer. The vet is amazed he has made it even this far. So every minute we rejoice he is still here. We will not know if or how much he is suffering until he is hydrated more. He is still lethargic but conscious.
4-09-09 Late Evening: Raisin has gotten up on his feet and urinated! Urination is GOOD! He still looks like his little head is spinning. He is not walking. He is stumbling. He does not have much control of his head movements and he can barely hold it up. He is not out of the woods yet. But his care has changed from intensive to guarded. That's GREAT!!!! And now he does not need 24 hr observation. We can all give a sigh of relief. Current vet total: $352
4-10-09 Raisin is getting a liver shunt today to tell if it was poisoning. If it isn't poisoning we are back to the mystery. If it is poisoning, we know how to continue with his exact needs. We now believe he will be able to live a reasonably comfy life. He might get to come home this evening. His Vet has named him "Raisin the Wonder Dog". Vet total today is approx. $600 And he is not ready to come home. He is still very fragile.
He is about 4 months old as of 4-8-09
4-11-09 Little Raisen Man ate today! Although he vomitted and had diarrhea, it is progress. He prefers vienna sausages to his Science Diet. I think we can accomodate that. It's good for him. He doesn't really have an appetite yet and we are still waiting for a healthy poo. He is 2 pounds. AND HE GETS TO COME HOME TODAY!! He is still fighting worms so he will get a round of Panacur. When he is healthy enough, he will get his puppy shots. The vet said he was trying to potty train. When she took him out of his cage, he went. The same thing happened last night when he had visiters. Little urine here and there. lol
Final vet bill-$987 Don't worry- his adoption fee will certainly not be anywhere near that. That is why we have such high adoption fees on the more sought after dogs. But we sure could take any help offered at all. The more we can save ($$), the more we can save. 
More update later!
Raisin was adopted! His vet bills are paid! He shows no sign of head trauma. It is believed he was left in a hot car.

We need assistance with:
finding a place to rent that allows 5 or more dogs
preferably outside of city limits
Odor and destruction are not allowed. Remember I am a trainer! I know how to handle unruly dogs while still allowing them to thrive.

These are the items we use most often:

***Black Gold food (Performance blend in the black bag from Farm and Home), 
extra large Frontline for dogs (or any size),
***bones or nyla-bones (the dogs HAVE to have these for their mental and dental health),
*treats (these are so helpful for training and boosting a dog's confidence),
pet taxis (all sizes) these are not just for us; we use them to help other rescues transport dogs too,
laundry soap (the dogs do enjoy good smelling stuff and softener and it helps with doggie odor, but they are not picky),
antibacterial dish soap,
55 gallon strong trash bags,
**shop towels,
cloth diapers,
large and extra large collars/harnesses,
photo paper

a pet hipster or baby sling for disabled dogs who want to be part of the pack and are small enough to be carried

Special Needs
***fire extinguishers
long padded gloves (to avoid accidental bites during assessment)
KENNELS used or new 4x6 and larger are preferred
large wire pens and crates

donations for vet bills can be mailed directly to

General Vet Clinic, 3740 Highway MM, Hannibal, MO 63401


Just write in the memo it is For MamaDori's Jungle

 They are highly recommended!
If you want to use paypal

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.