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Adoption Process and Happy Tails

How our adoption process works.

Step 1: Fill out the application (sorry you will have to request one at until we figure out how to add one to our page)...wait a maximum of three business days (unless we are on vacation; yeah right). Background checks will be done.

Step 2: After you are informed you have passed the application process, you will have a home check. These are harmless. We are not there to see how many dirty dishes you have. We are there to verify the information on the application and to look for any dangers or suggestions for you and your animal to live more comfortably together.

Step 3: Phone call to discuss any answers on your application that may indicate you need a little bit more information. These areas will be noted on the finished application and you may have to sign an addition to the contract stating you understand and agree. We are not nit-picky.

Step 4: Finalize the adoption fee and make arrangements to meet your new family member! You are done! It goes faster than it sounds. And it is not difficult at all. We will give you all the help you need.

What if I don't know what would be right for me?

Don't worry! We are experienced match-makers. Please do not hesitate to call us if you cannot pick the right animal for your home. But you will be told if we know that you would not be a good match for your pick and we will try to find you something else. You never know; we may have one on our waiting list waiting to arrive. Or we may know where one is we can get for you or direct you toward.

See how Sassy enjoys her new forever home. Hmmm, she looks the same there as she did here.


Even though Sassy was old, this wonderful family wanted HER. If you would like to help another senior dog like her that can't get a home, make a $15.00 donation for food for them to live here. They can stay here as long as they need to. Currently our dogs who need the most daily care are at a partner facility in Texas. Please contact us if you would like to donate to them. I'm sure you read about the needy ones them on the Available page. Just becasue they are available does not mean they will have the right person come along. We just always hope for them in the midst of all the rejection.

MICRO CHIPPING: All animals leaving the Jungle leave with a micro-chip. We are responsible for each animal until it's last breath. If you forget to register the animal in your name, our name is on it. We always, always want to know if someone who has been here needs help! They always have a home here and whatever care they need if the owners cannot be found. Always micro-chip your animals so they can find you if they end up where they can be scanned.

This is Maddie with one of her new family members. Maddie (minpin) could not come to the rescue but needed a home very badly. Her mommy was old and could not take care of her. She was young and vibrant and getting in to trouble, so she got put outside. The nights got cold and Mama Dori worried about her so much. One day when it was going to be in the teen temperatures or less, Mama Dori had some errands to run. She OR the people she was about to meet were not where they were supposed to be. And they met. This was a family who knew all about MinPins and had rescued her own. She was an expert on Min Pins and Mama Dori asked her if she would just come look at Maddie. She agreed and it was love at first site. Maddie thought she was a ferosious gaurd dog and accepting people who came in the door was just not in her nature. But she was quickly in the arms of the teenage daughter.



This is Gabbie in her new home. Below is her new family. Gabby was given a happy home twice. Her first family had severe illness strike and could no longer take care of her. Her second family never blinked an eye when asked if they wanted this new baby girl. She is so happy and she lives close so she can be included in Jungle playdates.


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Van Gogh had a very difficult time finding a family. Van Gogh was a perfect Cockapoo, but he had one flaw. His left ear had had trauma when he was born. His ear had to be sewn shut so he would not get infections in it. Van Gogh hung around long enough with Mama Dori and a man came along with a left ear sewn shut! It was a perfect match. Here is a picture of the now named Vinnie.



She cries at his door when he goes to bed.  When he gets home from school she will not leave him alone for about an hour!  She rubs her face all over his face, and nuzzles up to him and just sops him up when he gets home!  It is amazing!  Sshe doesn't get that enthusiastic with anyone else but him!  She loves us, and cuddles with us, but not like she does with my son---it is awesome!  Her and my son just have this BOND that is nothing like I have ever seen before!