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fosters and adopted
fosters and adopted
These are all animals that have come into the Jungle. Most had happy endings, but they don't all make it. Some live out their lives here if they are too sick or old.
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This kitty and her sister (didn't make it) were found in an estate that was tied up in probate after their owner died. No one was allowed to take them from the home and no one was allowed to do more than replace their food and water. They got very sick and unkept. Their hair was so matted it had to be cut off so they could deficate. animal control was able to confiscate the kitties, but it was too late for one who died later at the shelter. I had room for this one, so I nursed him back to health until the owner's sister could come and adopt him. Persians do NIT survive shelter environments. THey stop functioning and die just like they are wilting. THey are too delicate for that kind of busyness.
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